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Fire Cooking
Tortillas Rosario began with my grandmother, Rosario, whose tortilla making know-how lives on in our recipe. Both my mother and grandmother made "gorditas" and "tortillas grandes", the "gorditas" are thicker and just a bit larger than your hand while the "grandes" are as thin as air and about three quarters the length of your arm; it is amazing that they can be made this big by hand. 

Growing up in northern Mexico eating hand made flour tortillas was taken for granted; it was just one of our traditions. I remember as a young boy helping my mother cook tortillas outdoors on a wood-fired grill, I can still smell the aroma. My mother improved on Nana Rosario's tortilla recipe to bring you the flavor and consistency of homemade tortillas. 

In recent years we have shared our homemade tortillas with many of our friends and they have offered stories that encouraged us to start this business. Some of these stories include the toddler twins who would not stop crying until they got their Tortillas Rosario, and the four-year-old girl who refused to eat store bought tortillas after eating ours. Our promise is to bring you the best tortillas possible as good as homemade!
Home Made
Tortillas Rosario
tortillas Grandes
Home made
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